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Don Piper Car Wreck
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Transcribed by from the YouTube video • The True Story of Don Piper - 90 Min. In Heaven • June 2, 2013 • by Tim197834

Heaven is the most real experience I have had in my entire existence. It now defines my life. This [world] does not. This actually doesn't seem real to me now. And I want to make sure everyone understands. It's not that I don't know its real. I know this is real. I still have pains. I still have joy. I still experience all that we experience here on Earth. But that is my reality now and this isn't. And when you've seen it you know that it's eternal and this is not. The death rate here on Earth is 100%. Whe're not getting out of this alive. None of us are. So we have to be prepared for what happens next and thank God I was prepared that day when the truck hit me. Cause heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.

The moment, the instant, the second, the truck struck me and killed me I was standing at the gates of Heaven. I didn't go down a long tunnel. There was no bright light at the end of it. I didn't have a near death experience. When your dead for an hour and a half you're really dead. I was there just like that. I took my last breath here and I took my first breath there. And I was surrounded by people who I had known and loved in life. That preceded me in death. I mean I'm looking at their faces. They're all around me. And what a reunion it was.

I'm with my grandfather first. He and I were very close. I had been with him on the day he died. I've had a lot of broken bones but nothing hurts like a broken heart. But when my grandfather died it broke my heart. My dad was overseas in the army. He was a career military man. But my grandfather never left us. He was a role model for us. He was a carpenter. He was a great fella. And I adored him, and so, on the night he died I was standing outside the door and the doctor came and said, "I'm sorry. I did everything I could. We lost him".

Well, now I'm looking at him face to face and he looked better than he ever looked here. He was looking good. If you want to look good. Heaven is where you want to be. And by that I mean you will be perfect. By that I mean you will have no scars. I mean inside or out you will have no scars. You will have no blemishes. I mean, I have scars all over me as you can plainly see. I didn't have a scratch on me in Heaven. You won't have any scratches on you in Heaven. The only person in Heaven with scars is Jesus Christ to remind the rest of us how we got there. But you're not going to have any on you. You will look good! I mean perfect. No age. No scars. No blemishes. Nothing like that.

They were all perfect. Just the way God wanted them to be when he made them in the first place. Before age and injuries and circumstances had blemished them in any way. You will be that way. So I'm looking at my grandfather who was missing fingers here on Earth. And yet when I looked at him they were perfect. He smiled at me and in a language I've never heard before but that I fully understood, he said, "Welcome home Donnie". And that was the name he called me from my earliest childhood as a little boy. "Welcome home Donnie" he said. Don Piper Car Wreck

And beside him was my great grandmother. She was a victim of osteoporosis. She was slumped over because her bones had collapsed. She was not missing her fingers like my grandfather. She was missing her teeth here on Earth. She was 81. And she smiled at me at the gates of Heaven standing upright and it was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

My best friend, or one of my good friends was standing over here. He was killed in a car crash at 18. I was looking at aunts and uncles and teachers and people who had been a part of my life here on Earth. And they were all smiling and beaming and welcoming me. You won't sneak up on Heaven. Everyone knows your coming. And its because you have to have a reservation in the first place. You have to be ready to go to Heaven. You have to give your heart to Christ. So everybody there celebrates that decision and they anticipate our arrival. And they were all there to greet me. They were perfect in every way. Without age. And by that I mean there's no birth and death in Heaven so no one ever ages. You'll be ageless. What you know about aging here on Earth, it doesn't happen in heaven. Its an eternal place.

So I'm surrounded by all these people that I have loved here in life. And was missing. And they had different roles in my life. Some of them had been been in my life when I was a young person. Some when I was an older. I was 38 when the accident happened. And I reflect back on them, and the glorious reunion that we had there at the gates. And the fact that they were anticipating my arrival when I got there.

And the three things that they had in common were [#1] their perfection. You'll be perfect in Heaven. [#2] Their preparation. Because they were ready to go when they died. None of them were planning to die that day but thank God they were ready when they did. You know you won't be planning to die on the day that you do, so you have to be ready all the time. But the thing that really struck me and actually keeps motivating me to this very day is the people I met at the gates of heaven [#3] all helped me get there. They played a role in my spiritual life. They took me to church when no one else did. They told me about Jesus with their mouths and their lives. They live a Christian life in front of me so I knew what one was.

One of the people I saw at the gates of Heaven lived next door to me when I was nine years old, Mrs. Norris. Her and her husband were foster parents in the little neighborhood where we lived. My dad was overseas. My grandparents lived far away from us. My mother didn't have a drivers license. We had no way to go anywhere unless somebody took us. And on Sunday morning no one ever took us anywhere. I can remember looking out the blinds of my house as a nine year old and seeing people drive away and I knew they were going to God's house and I would just sit there and cry because I wanted to go to church and I had no way.

Mrs. Norris found out about it. Her and her husband were foster parents. And they had a station wagon. They would put those foster children in the station wagon and take them to Summer Grove church. And then they found out about me. And Mrs. Norris told my mother, "You tell him to get dressed and stand by the mail box on Sunday morning and we'll pick him up". So that Sunday morning I put on my clothes all by myself and I went out by the mailbox and I could see the big station wagon turning around at the other street. It pulled up in front of my mail box and I was standing there and the window rolled down and Mrs. Norris was looking down at me and she said, "Donnie would you like to go to the Lord's house today". And I said, "Yes ma'am, I surely would like to go to the Lord's house today". And she turned to the kids in the car and she said, "Boys and girls move over. Donnie's going to church today with us. And I would climb into the station wagon Sunday mornings and I knew somebody cared about me.

Mrs. Norris greeted me at the gates of Heaven cause she helped me get there. Which brings up an interesting question brothers and sisters. If we greet people at the gates of Heaven, and we will, that we helped get there, who will you greet? See, that's the reason we're all still here is to help others get there. We have much work to do. I was greeted by those people. Don Piper in the Hospital

Right above them was a magnificent gate. It looks like the inside of an oyster. By that, I mean, its made of pearl. We shouldn't be surprised. Revelation 21 says there are twelve of these gates made of pearl. And they are iridescent. They are dazzling. I thought they were alive. I don't thinks so now that I reflect back on it. I think the reason they looked alive is because of the light that was reflecting off the gate. And the light is awesome. God himself illuminates heaven. It's his place. And his glory is majestic. It is reflecting off this gate making it look alive. In Heaven, Jesus is known as the lamp of God. That's in Revelation 21 too. And his light is incredibly beautiful. And so the gates looked alive. Very ornate. Very magnificent. Very beautiful.

I looked down from the large gate at, basically, a small entrance. And I thought, "Wow. Amazing gate. Small entrance. Why is that"? And I think the entrance is small by comparison because we go in one at a time. It's a personal decision. It's not some faith that you belong to, or a church. It's a personal decision. You have to have an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ to go in that gate. So it's small.

The entrance is very small. Actually big enough for just one person. So yes, the gate is small. And I didn't anticipate that. I'm looking at the magnificent structure. And then I'm looking at the entrance and its small by comparison. But now I realize the gate is narrow. The way is narrow into Heaven. And we shouldn't be surprised by that. But I really wasn't expecting that for such a magnificent gate. You can see through it. You can see in the city. And it is a city, a kingdom, a place. And you can see a street going right down the middle of the city that appears to be made out of gold. And that's literal.

Now, its gold that you can see through and you may say, "Now that can't be literal" because you can't see through gold here. There you can. God can make streets out of whatever He wants. He's chosen gold that you can see through. Its Heaven and we have to forget all the things that we know here. Suspend all the rules of nature. It's not nature. It's Heaven. It's prepared for us and it's different from here. You could see this street. You could see magnificent structures on both sides. By any standard here on Earth I would say these structures I saw inside the city gates looked like mansions to me. We shouldn't be surprised by that. Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions". And there is. You're going to like them.

And beyond the mansions is kind of a hill, high and lifted up. Its like a pinnacle in the middle of the city. And it is high and lifted up as God himself deserves to be. He is God. And I could see up that hill. There is river flowing down the side of the hill. I know its the river of life. I'm looking at thrones at the pinnacle of the hill. And I was thinking to myself at that point, "Hey its great meeting these people but I know they're coming in with me. I want to go in now".

And so I began to move forward. And I began to move through layers of all sorts of things. I saw colors I've never seen here. I smelled aromas I've never smelled here. I'm moving through layers of sound. Two distinctive sounds which I hadn't anticipated but what I really enjoyed were the sound of angels. Not just the sight of angels, but the sound of angels. I knew I would hear them but I didn't expect to hear their wings. You can hear their wings. Like flushing out a covey of birds. And that sound, that only wings can make. You hear the wings everywhere. It is a very comforting sound because they're the ones who bare us up and I could experience the wings of angels. And you hear them everywhere. Its kind of a whoosh as they are hovering about and ministering to God's people.

Then I move through the music. And you know, we've talked about it before. The most memorable aspect of Heaven that I had was the music. And I've asked myself many times. "Why Music? Of all things, why would I remember the music the most"? And I think its because it's the thing that invaded me. It permeated me. I became part of the music. In Heaven you become part of the music. Cause all authentic worship is for God. It's not for us. But we get to experience it. And so we become part of that music.

And I'm listening to the sounds. I'm listening to, "Praise God, Alleluia". I'm listening to "Glory to God". I'm listening to, "Worthy is the Lamb". Then the refrain that became so profound to me is the one I expected to hear but not on this level. "Holy, Holy, Holy. Holy, Holy, Holy". When I was a young man I got a degree in broadcasting and one of the things you never did on the radio was play two songs at the same time. I mean, you'd get phone calls about that. Like, I like both songs but I don't want to hear them both. Play one and then the other. In Heaven I heard thousands of songs at the same time. And there was no chaos. Because you have Heavenly ears you can distinguish each one of them. And all of these magnificent songs fit together. They all complement each other. They all fit together. And the music permeates you. I was wrapped up in the music.

And I'm overwhelmed by the aromas. I'm experiencing the incredible feelings of those embracing me and I'm going through the gates and I'm thinking, "Now I'm home. This is my home". And I'm so awestruck to be here. I wasn't thinking about people back on Earth because I knew they were going to follow me. The one's I loved. I knew they were going to be there in due course. In the Heavenly sense, immediately after me. Even though I may be separated from them for decades. In Heaven they're not missing you because they are expecting you. You'll turn right around. They'll be right behind you. Because in Heaven there is no passage of time.

So, I'm going through the gates now. And I'm thinking, "Yes, yes, this is it". And just as I said that it stopped. The music, the aroma, everything. In an instant. Just as quickly as I was there. I was not there. But I didn't know it at first. And I wanted to cry out to God. "God, whats happening? Where? What's going on"? And before I could even get those words out of my mouth. And of course there in Heaven there's much more communication without words than there is with words. But I tried to form the words. I was in darkness. In silence. And I was just alone. I was isolated. And as I wanted to say, "God, what happened", I heard a sound. And this one is not in front of me. Its behind me. Its that pastor in the car singing, What a Friend We have in Jesus. And I didn't know where I was and I didn't know what had happened. But I was back in the wreckage of the car and he was holding onto my shoulder singing, What a Friend We have in Jesus.

Angel's are magnificent creatures. Not short and chubby like some people think of them. They're awesome beings. We don't become angels when we go to Heaven. They are separate beings created for a separate purpose of God. The truth is, in the Bible you'll find out that we have charge of the angels after this is over with. I mean, they answer to us. In God's scheme of things were are above them because we were created in His image. They were created to do His bidding. Be messengers to comfort us. Encourage us. Protect us. All the things that they were given the responsibility for. I did hold the hand of an angle [in the car] but I promise you. They are magnificent creatures.

Some have more than two wings. I mean, some of them have multiple wings. They're really quit beautiful in every way. Genderless. Because there is a finite number of them. They don't reproduce. I mean, God created the angels He wanted. And that was enough. So they're very different from us but they're quit magnificent. And they're around us all the time. They're here in the room with us. The Bible says we never know when we're entertaining them unaware. And so trust me. They're everywhere. Just as the Devil and his spirits are everywhere. But the angels are the ones you want to be with.

When I held the hand of an angel I didn't really know it until the person who saw my hand knew that an angel was holding that hand. But it really comforted me. And has many times since because I'm just around them. And they're around me. And they're around you too. You may or may not know someday how many times God spared you because he sent an angel to intervene in your life. They're everywhere. Trust me.

This is not my reality. And you know its so real here. You know, hurricanes come through here. Tsunamis destroy half of a country. We got wars going on here. This is happening. This is very real. I mean, my father is at the end of his Earthly life. I know I'm going to get the phone call every day. And my daughter just had a baby two days ago. But, you know, life goes on. But, now, this is not it. I mean, this is so temporary. This is so fleeting. This is just a twinkle in God's eye. This is a vapor. And we know that. You know, and I feel like I just went to school. Just graduated from high school. And now I'm sixty years old. It all happened so fast.

The reason that matters is that you need to be ready. I mean, this life here won't last. You have to be ready for what happens next because that lasts forever and ever. And Hell is just as real as Heaven. You have a choice to make. You want to be with God in Heaven with the angels dining at the Lord's table and singing praises unto God and walking the streets of gold with Peter, Paul, and all those people and having them just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them? I mean, do you want that option or do you want eternal separation from God in a place that stinks, that's dark and lonely. And, I mean, it's a very clear cut thing.

You have to make a decision. And if you think you're going to wait. You might as well say "No, not now". Cause "not now" is no. You may not have a later. I got killed on my way to church. You have to be ready all the time. So, there's a great urgency about this. And you need to come to Christ. If you know about Jesus, that's not enough. You need to know him in your heart. You have to accept the salvation that he offers. That is the way to Heaven and that is the only way to Heaven. All paths do not lead to Heaven. Only one path leads to Heaven.

My friend that was at the gates was 18 when he died. A wonderful kid. A beautiful kid. Had a great life ahead of him. A very gifted athlete. And then one day coming home from a hunting trip his life was ended. You could imagine how devastated his 18 year old friends felt about that. My great grandmother was standing here. She was 81 when she died. She didn't know she would live to be that old. But the truth is, they were both ready. Thank God they were both ready.

So you cant' wait, hoping you will live long enough. Thinking you will give up whatever you need to give up so you can become a Christian. You need to do that now. Mike was 11 years old. Thank God he made that decision. I was 16 years old when I gave my heart to Jesus. It's an urgent, current now thing. There's an urgency about that. And you may live to be 100 here on Earth. But trust me. A hundred is nothing. It's not even a twinkle in the eye of God. Because that will be over just like that.

So you have to be ready for whatever happens next. And you need to do it immediately. And then, it's not like your life will be perfect after that, that you'll have no problems. Actually you may have some of your most difficult problems later. But you'll be ready when the time comes. And there's a place prepared for you. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you". And you have to be prepared for the place. So come to Christ.

You know, my friend Bill Wiese who wrote 23 Minutes in Hell. So, he talks about hell. He said, "If you go to a persons house, a beautiful house, a magnificent house, a mansion and you knock on the door and say, "Ah, can I come in". And the person says, "Who are you". You say, "Well I was good. I lived a good life. I did good things for other people". "That's nice but who are you"? You know he kind of goes through the whole process. And it's a great illustration because God's not going to let you in because you were good. You can't get good enough to go to Heaven. It's a perfect place. It's a Holy place. Were not Holy. We know that. So, you say, "Well I was faithful to this religion". We'll that's good. The religion probably has some good things about it. Most of them do.

But the Bible says in Acts, "There is not another name, not on Earth that will save you. There is no other name under Heaven and Earth whereby you might be saved. Jesus himself said, when he was asked, "How do I go to Heaven". He said, "I am the way to Heaven". And you can't come to the Father unless you come through Jesus the Son. So nothing you can do is going to earn you a ticket to Heaven. Except give your heart to Christ. And Jesus already did that, paid the price. Which makes you eligible to stand in front of a Holy God, in a Holy condition. He forgives sin. What can wash away your sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. So you accept what he did on the cross. And that makes you eligible to stand in front of a Holy God and eat at His table forever.

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