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Just a quick background about ourselves. My wife and I are from Orange County, California and I've been in the real estate business. I’ve been a real estate broker for 34 years and God's blessed us immensely in this business. I've been a Christian for 37 years. I’ve also, been blessed to walk with the Lord that long and have done different aspects of the ministry all throughout the years. I’ve done some teaching. Been on a board. I've been involved in worship and so forth. But right now God has transitioned both my wife [Annette] and I into full time ministry since the books come out. So we're just blessed to do anything for God. Amen. My wife, she's also been in real estate.

Yes, I've been licensed since 1986. I’ve been selling new homes for a builder for the past 13 years and now I’m serving full time with my husband along side him as the Lord sends us out.

Tonight, even though this is a very serious and sobering message, this is a message that's really important for all the body of Christ and everyone to really hear. So we want to share with you tonight. Your going to hear about the horrors of Hell. But more importantly your going to hear about how much God really loves us. And how great his mercy is for us. Amen.

Amen. This is not a message of condemnation. This is a message of warning. And in today's society we expect messages of warning and we welcome them. We want to be warned when a tornado is approaching. Tornados or Hurricanes. We want to be warned when we take medications. What is in this. What kind of side affects is it going to produce in my body. And also when you buy a piece of property you want to be warned of any defects in that property. And so too, a loving God, He wants to warn us that there is a real place called hell. But he doesn't want anyone going there.

Bill and Annette Wiese Bill
That's right. And you know it's ironic. Most of us, if we were going on a vacation, we do some research. We check out the hotels, the restaurants, the sites. We want to know something. We do some investigating about where we're going. Yet, also, most people do little or almost no research on where they are going to go after they die. They do quite a bit of effort on a short vacation and almost no effort on eternity. Why is that? I believe it's because a lot of us just tend to believe whatever we were raised with. And we don't question it. And we're not here to denigrate anyone's beliefs, what they were raised with. But, I would like to share with you what the Bible has to say about eternity. So hopefully if you haven't been raised that way you will at least listen. And that after you hear what we are going to say then you can form your opinion and make your decisions about this topic. But at least remain open so that you can hear about what God says about eternity.

Even the great Dr. Chuck Missler, a great teacher in our world today, he said, "The only sure barrier to truth is to assume you already have it." I believe that can be true for some of us. I mean even Mark Twain said, "We're all ignorant. it's just about different things." So, that's possible. We can all learn from each other. Anyway, 8 years ago this experience happened, November 23, 1998. And after it happened I didn't really want to share it with anyone. I didn't want to tell anybody about it. Well, two weeks later I did share it with one close friend and my mother. And from there it ended up spreading. The friend told somebody and they started asking us to come to different Bible studies. And then it spread to churches. And then some radio and some small television. So, I didn't want to really give this testimony at all.

I felt extremely uncomfortable because basically I'm a conservative person. So to be identified with something seemingly so wild as this, to say you've been to Hell, it was extremely uncomfortable for me. But, you know after we did this for 7 years, we went around before the book came out, we went around the country wherever we were asked to speak. And we went on our own. We paid our own way. We never took any money for it. Because of the importance of this message we didn't want to taint it in any way.

But after 7 years I heard the Lord's voice say to me, "Bill, you know it's not about you being comfortable, it's about you being obedient." And you know that's what it is because God's given us all something to do. And, you know, it’s not about us. It’s about him. And it’s about his Word. It’s about souls. So God might pull you out of your comfort zone. And it could be because, like I said, he's given us all something to do. And if we can get over ourselves and to just look at what is important to do, is his word.

Anyway about 2 years ago the publisher, Strang Communication, Charisma House, they heard us speak at a church. And they called us and asked us to write a book. So again we had prayed when this first happened and said, "Lord, if you want this message out, you are going to have to open up all the doors. Cause we don't want to self-promote this in any way. So that's whats happened. God has graciously opened the doors for us to go and speak. But even a publisher came to us and asked us to write the book. So we are greatly honored, as they are a real reputable publisher. But it was again, a testimony of God wanting to get this message out. It was not about us. It was about the message. So anyway that's whats been going on. The book is in Walmart, Barns & Noble, Borders, and all the book stores which is another testimony because basically were nobody important or famous so to get a book out that way is definitely God trying to get the word out to people that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell. And he doesn't want anyone to go to Hell.

But anyway, I want to answer two questions that you might have in your mind before I get into the testimony. The first one is, you might say, "Bill, how do you know this wasn't just a bad dream?” That's what I would ask if I were you. Well, two things I want to point out. On the return of this experience that I had, I came back and I saw my body lying on the floor. Okay, so I was outside of my body, this is an out-of-body experience that comes under the classification of a vision.

In 2nd Corinthians 12:1-2 Paul says, when he was caught up into Heaven, he said, "Whether in the body or out of the body, he didn't know." Well the Lord just happened to show me that I had left my body. Okay, so that's the first reason I know it wasn't just a dream. Secondly when I came up to my body, something pulled me back in. And when I entered back into my body the terrors of Hell flooded my mind and I instantly went into a traumatized state. So I began screaming. I didn't know I was back. I didn't know where I was. I just was traumatized because the horrors of Hell was so terrible that you body cannot survive that kind of torment. And so I began screaming and that's what woke up my wife. So I don't remember this part from here. I would just like for her to share with you just for a minute how she found me. So, honey, share that.

And the fear returned because perfect love casts out all fear. When the Lord was with you, you didn't have any fear.

Right, when I was on the way back I was with the lord. 1 John 4:18 says, "Perfect love casts out fear." So when I was with God, then there was no fear. But when he left, when I came back in my body and he left, then the horrors of Hell flooded my mind, came back in my mind.

And as Bill said, this happened November 3rd, 1998. And we went to a prayer meeting every Sunday night. And we had happened to go to our prayer meeting. We came home. It was a normal night. Went to bed. And I awoke to screams coming from our living room. And I woke up and noticed Bill was not next to me. I looked at our clock and it said 3:23. Now my husband sensed that he left his body at 3 AM. So that's were the 23 minutes comes from. So I proceeded down our hallway and found my husband in a state I have never, ever seen him in. My husband, for anyone who knows him, he is very conservative by nature, steady as he goes, he's calm, conservative. And he's never done drugs. No mental illness. Nothing like that so it was really shocking to find him in this state. And he was holding his hands to his temple. He was rocking back and forth on the living room floor. He was screaming out in complete terror and horror. And he said, "Pray for me, pray for me, the Lord has taken me to Hell."

And I began to pray for him. I was relieved he wasn't having a medical emergency. And the Lord so graciously, over about 20 minutes or so, took the fear and the torment out of his mind but left the memory so he could tell the story. So the first thing Bill did was he asked for a glass of water. And we've become water-holics since then. But really water, I know we take it for granted, but it represents life in a glass. And, I'm going to let my husband tell the rest of his story.

See how blessed I am. I'm really proud of my wife. God's blessed me immensely. Anyway, just a couple things to clarify. To explain more about a vision. You might say, "Bill, how can a Christian see Hell?” I've been a Christian all this time. Well, in a vision you can see Hell. See, I didn't die. This is not a near-death experience. I was taken in a vision. In Ezekiel 8:3, Ezekiel talked about his vision. He explained where he was taken, picked up by his hair, and carried to Jerusalem. He was told to eat a roll. He ate the roll and it became bitter in his stomach. He was told to dig through a wall. He wept. He conversed and so forth. So my point is, in a vision you have a spirit body. First Corinthians 15:44 talks about a natural body and a spirit body. So in a spirit body you can experience the same things that you can experience in a physical body. So when you enter a vision. In some cases when you travel in a vision, as Paul did to Heaven and John did to Heaven and so forth, and Ezekiel did to Jerusalem, then you can experience all these same things. it's real. Your really there. Your just in your spirit body.

So that was the case with me. I traveled just like they did. And this is in no way trying to compare my experience with these great men. I'm just trying to give you a scriptural basis for how this can happen. In Revelation 5:5 and 10:10, John talked about when he was caught up into Heaven. And he was also told to eat a roll and it became bitter in his stomach. So he experienced, he ate, and he conversed also with an elder in Heaven and so forth. So again, you can experience these things in your spirit body just like in a physical body.

In Job 7:14 it says, "You scare me with dreams and terrify me through visions." And in Isaiah 21:2, Isaiah was given a grievous vision. Okay, so you can have a grievous and terrifying vision. There’s many more examples I could give but, just to keep going. So that's how a Christian can see Hell, number one.

Number two, you might want to ask, okay Bill, "Why do I need to know about Hell? I am a Christian and I'm not going there so why is it important for me to know about it?" So I'm going to give you three reasons why it is important for us to know about Hell. First of all, when you understand how severe Hell really is, you will be much more grateful for your own salvation. What you are saved from. Because most of us don't realize how terrible it is and what God saved us out of. Some Christians don't even believe in Hell which surprises me. I've met some. Or they believe in annihilationism, or universalism where when you hit Hell you cease to exist. Or eventually you get out of Hell. None of that's true. Hell exists forever, according to the scriptures and it's a real physical place. So, when you understand how severe it is, like I said, you will be more appreciative.

Secondly, a lot of the fear of the Lord has left much of the church today we have been finding. And people live compromised lifestyles. Even Christians do. And there's been a lack of the fear of the Lord. And in Psalms 89:7 it says, "God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints". Fear is the word "aras" in the Hebrew and it means to shake in terror. That's what we're supposed to do as Christians. Shake in terror. And that isn't happening a lot in the churches. There's an article in the LA Times, June 19th, 2002, and it's called Hold the Fire and Brimstone. I just want to read you a couple of lines out of it to give you an idea about what's going on with the churches. "A mention of Hell from the pulpits is at an all-time low. The downplaying of damnation shows the influence of secularism on Christian theology. The violence and torture that Dante described no longer resonates with churchgoers. There's been a shift in religion from what happens in the next life to asking, "What's the quality of this life?"

So, they interviewed pastors from all over the nation and pastors were not preaching about Hell. And when they were asked about Hell they said, "Well, we don't really know what Hell is other than it is separation from God. Whether it's and actual place, a geographic location, we don't really believe that. And we don't really believe it's a place of physical fiery torment." That's what most of the people said that were in this article except for Ray Comfort, a great man of God who preaches the gospel. Anyway, that's what's been going on. So the fear of the Lord, in large part, has left the church.

Jeremiah 32:40 says, "I will put my fear in their hearts that they will not depart from me." So you see, the fear helps you keep walking that walk that we are called to walk. John Weseley said, "The fear of the God that can cast you into Hell, even the children of God is one excellent means of preserving them from it”. I believe that's true. And it keeps you, like I said, not wanting to backslide, not wanting to live a sinful lifestyle like so many are comfortable in doing. So that's another reason. Romans 8:13 says, "If you live after the flesh, you will die". And Jesus said, "If your eye offends thee, pluck it out. It's better for you to enter into life maimed than to enter into Hellfire." And the word "offend" means to cause you to sin. So he's saying if your eye causes you to sin, get rid of your eye because your better off without it than taking a chance of going to Hell. So that's why it's very important.

And also the third reason is, in 2nd Corinthians 5:10-11, Paul was talking about the judgement seat and he said, "Knowing therefor the terror of the Lord, we persuade men." So what he was saying was, when we understand judgement, now even though that's the judgement seat of Christ, the reward seat, most of the commentaries agree that he was talking about Hell and judgement in general. So he said that when you understand judgement in general, you will be more persuasive of men. You'll want to go and persuade men. So it motivates you to want to witness. And a lot of Christians don't witness.

Bill Bright said only 2% of all Christians witness. That's really sorry. And yet in Ezekiel 33:8 it says, "If we fail to speak to warn the sinner from his way, his blood will I require at your hand." God said. He holds us accountable. And it says the same thing in Acts 20:26 and Acts 18:6. Colossians 1:28 says, "Christ in you, the hope of glory, whom we preach warning every man." So we are to warn every man. Paul says, "Whoa is me if we preach not the gospel." So we are to preach the gospel and we're held accountable if we don't open our mouths. So when you understand judgement it will cause you to want to go and witness. You'll want to share with your loved ones. With everybody you know to warn them. That they don't want to go to this place. It's really really terrible.

Anyway one more thing to point out. I wanted to find out after this experience if there was anybody in the Bible who experience Hell. And there is one according to many of the commentaries. Jonah. In Jonah 2:2 he said, "In Sheol I cried out." He used the word Sheol which is the current place for Hell. And in Jonah 2:6 he said, "The earth with her bars was about me forever yet thou hast brought up my life from corruption." So most of the commentaries agree he Jonah did experience, he was at the gates of Hell. Either inside the gates or just outside the gates. And there were actual physical gates. Bars and gate. Just like you would imagine bars in a city.

So that's what the commentaries say. So there is at least someone in the Bible that experience Hell. And again, this is not to compare my experience with him in any way. Okay, it's just to, again, show you how this is possible, how these things can happen. And God does give people dreams and visions especially in Joel 2:28 which talks about the last days, “Your men will have dreams and your old men will have visions”. So this was just a vision that God gave me.

Anyway, I said all that to lay the groundwork so you could understand where I was coming from. The scripture is what's important. It's not my experience that's really important for any of you to believe. It’s the word of God and that's one of the reasons we wrote the book is that we put over 150 verses in the Bible in it that talk about Hell. So it's not important what I have to say. Some people say, "Bill, you know the rich man said to Abraham (in Luke 16) send Lazarus back to warn my brothers of this place." And Abraham said, "Even if one came back from the dead they would not be persuaded." So Bill, why would God send you? Well I don't fit that scenario because, number one, I wasn't dead. Okay this was just a vision. Number two, I'm not telling people to look at me and be persuaded. I'm just a signpost to point people to the scriptures. To say, "Hey, this is what the Bible has to say. Believe the Bible. It doesn't matter if you believe me. It's not that important. But believe what the word of God has to say. Amen.

Alright. To start with, this was Sunday night, November the 22nd in the evening. And we came home from a prayer meeting like any other normal night that my wife and I went to every Sunday night. And we went to bed and at three o'clock in the morning I was picked up and dropped off in a prison cell in Hell. I knew it was three o'clock. I can't explain to you how I knew that. It's just something I knew that it was three o'clock. I was dropped off in a prison cell. Nothing was explained to me at this point until the way back. All I found was myself in a prison cell like you would imagine. Rough hewn stone walls and bars on the door. And the first thing I notice was a tremendous heat. It was so hot, I wondered, "Why am I still alive in this heat. I should be incinerated”. But yet I was alive. And I was awake. Fully cognizant. This was not a dream. It was just like I'm standing here now. I was in this place. Except I was lying on the floor. I wasn't standing.

And I looked up and there were these two enormous creatures in the cell. I didn't know what they were yet. But they were demons or fallen angels whichever you want to call them. And they were about 12 or 13 feet tall. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but there's even scripture for that. And I'm going to give you some along the way because I love to give the scripture but I won't give too many because I will bore you and keep you here all night. Not that the scripture's boring but I know you want to keep hearing the story.

Demon Illustration by Carlos Sandoval Anyway, first of all, to back up for a minute, Isaiah 24:22 says, "And they shall be gathered together as prisoners are gathered in the pit and shall be shut up in the prison." And Proverbs 7:27 talks about going down to Hell, to the chambers of death. The word chambers means inner rooms. And Job 17:16 says, "They shall go down to the bars of the pit." And as far as demons, as far as that size, you remember in Genesis 6:4 where it said, "The sons of God came down and had relations with women and they produced giants in the earth in those days." Well, most of the commentators agree that the sons of God were fallen angels. And as a result of the fallen angels having relations with women, they produced giants in the earth. And in Deuteronomy 11 it's says one of the bedsteads of the giants was 9 cubits in length. Now a cubit is a foot and a half so that's about 13 1/2 feet. So just to give you some reference to some of these things.

Anyway I was lying on the floor and I noticed that I had absolutely no strength in my body. Completely void of any kind of strength. I could barely move. I wondered what was wrong with me. "Why can't I move?" But, Isaiah 14:10 says, "Hell from beneath is moved to meat the at thy coming. They will say art thou become weak as we." And the word weak there is the same as in Judges 16:7 where Sampson became weak when they cut off his hair. The word weak means ill or faint. And Psalms 88:4 says, "I am counted with them that go down into the pit. I am as a man that has no strength." So that's just one of the things that you have to endure in Hell. You have no strength in your body. And if you've ever been to a hospital to visit somebody that has gone through some serious surgery and they have no strength, they can't hardly move, how awful that is. Well, you have to be that way for eternity. You have no strength.

Anyway, one of the creatures, I'll describe one of them, he was reptilish in appearance. Bumps and scales all over it's body. Huge protruding jaw. Big teeth. Claws about a foot long. And this was about 13 feet tall so a huge creature. Real wide, big. And they were blaspheming and cursing God. They were talking to each other. I understood what they were saying. I don't know what language it was but they were cursing God. And James 2:7 says, "Do not they blaspheme that worthy name." There's a lot of scriptures about blasphemy. And that it comes from the Devil. I could give you scriptures but I'll keep going.

Anyway, I noticed that they had an intense hatred for God. And then they directed that hatred towards me. I though, "What have I done to these things." I didn't know why they hated me so much. But their hatred was really beyond anything you could imagine on the earth here. A real severe hatred. And the one picked me up, grabbed me and threw me into the wall. And I felt the bones break. And I collapsed onto the floor. It picked me up like I was the weight of a water glass. Tremendous strength he had. I fell on the floor. I felt the pain. But I understood that the pain I was feeling was blocked. I was only feeling some of the pain. God blocked a lot of the pain and didn't allow me to experience all of it. He explained that on the way back but at this point I just understood that I did not feel all the pain. But he did allow me to feel some of it so I could relate to people and say, "Hey, there's real pain in Hell." I’ts not metaphorical or allegorical. You feel the pain.

The other one picked me up, dug his claws into my chest and tore the flesh right off. And my flesh hung like ribbons. And I looked at myself. I felt the pain again and wondered, "Why am I not dead." It should have killed me but I was still alive. And the flesh was just hanging like ribbons and there was no water or blood coming from the wounds. And Leviticus 17:11 talks about that the life of the flesh is in the blood. So there's no life in Hell. Zechariah 9:11 talks about out of the pit where there is no water. There's no water in Hell. So there was no kind of fluid coming from the wounds.

And I wondered why they had absolutely no mercy. None. I mean a sever hatred. You know we've seen of this hatred and lack of mercy in our world today watching the news. You know, you see the terrorists how they saw peoples heads off. You know how merciless that is. Well that kind of act comes from the Devil. And they hate you. They hate God and they hate man. And like I said, they we're blaspheming God and I wanted to just get out of this cell. I began to crawl. And apparently they let me. Right then, about that moment it went dark. I believe it resumed its normal state. God allowed it to be light for just a minute so I could see it and describe to everybody what it looked like. But then it resumed its normal state of absolute pitch black darkness.

I crawled out of the cell and I could hear all the screams. I already heard them in the cell too but the screams of millions of people, I knew there were millions of people in this place all screaming. People were in different prison cells, pits of fire and large areas of fire which I'll tell you about. But the screams were deafening. It was so loud. Isaiah 57:21 talks about, "There's no peace sayeth my God to the wicked." Well you have no peace of mind. Have you ever heard somebody scream in terror, how awful that sounds. Well, to hear millions of people screaming, it's really agonizing. And I couldn't stand it. I wanted to get away from the sound but I couldn't.

The odors that I was smelling from the Demons and then the air, it was so foul and putrid. It was disgusting. The most rotten thing. You can't even imaging how bad it smells in Hell. It's like an open sewer. Like sulfur, if you've ever smell sulfur. And it's actually toxic. The fumes are so bad it's toxic and I wondered why I was still alive breathing in this toxicity. You know, if you go to Hawaii, by the volcanos there are signs posted that say you cannot go past a certain point because of the sulfur smell. It will kill you. Well that's what your breathing in Hell, sulfur, foul, putrid, like an open sewer. Like rotten milk, bad meat. Everything you could imagine. Take that times a thousand and hold it up to your nose. That's what you have to breath for eternity.

But it's even worse than that because there's not enough air to breath in Hell. Like here we take a nice deep breath of air. Well there's not enough air in Hell. There's no humidity. There's not enough air to breath so, every breath, I'd gasp for, just trying to get one breath. And I'm wondering, why am I not dead. I'm not getting enough air to breath. So I'll have to describe to you and show you. This is how you breath in Hell. It was like this, I was uh…. uh…. uh…. Just like that. See not enough air. So each time you think, I'm going to die any second. I don't have enough air. But you know Isaiah 42:5 says, "The Lord gives breath to people upon the earth." These are people under the earth. You don't get that benefit in Hell either.

And, like I said, the terrible fear level that I was experiencing at this point, because your helpless, those demons can torment you and tear you to shreds and there's nothing you can do about it. I just want to give you first a couple scriptures about that because some people say, "Bill, but doesn't it say demons themselves will be in torment." Revelation 20:10 says that they themselves will be cast into the lake of fire. But that's after judgement day. Okay, so right now, there are scriptures, I'm just going to give you a few. Jump out of the story for just a minute.

Matthew 18:34 talks about being delivered to the tormenters. And Matthew Henry's commentary says, "Devils, the executioners of God's wrath will be their tormentors forever." And in Luke 12:47 it talks about being beaten with many stripes or being beaten with few. John Wesley said, "For the executioners of God's vengeance are at hand. And when he has once delivered you over to them you are undone forever. Psalm 50:22 talks about you who don't consider the warnings of God's word. He says, "You that forget God, I will tear you in pieces." And Matthew Henry again says, "Those who will not consider the warnings of God's Word will certainly be torn to pieces by the executioners." Psalms 116:3 talks about the, "Pains of Sheol laid hold upon him. I found trouble and sorrow." And Matthew 24:51 talks about, "I will cut him to pieces where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Psalm 74:20, "For the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty."

Anyway, there's so many scriptures. I could go on and on about the torments in Hell. And there are demons on the earth and in Hell. I could give you scriptures for that but that’s where they are now. Matthew 25:41 and Isaiah 14:15 and Ezekiel 28:17 and some others. But, the darkness also in Hell, there's an eerie evilness about the darkness. It's not just dark. It's an evil presence in the darkness." And you can feel it. Exodus 10:21 talks about a darkness that may be felt. It's true you can feel the darkness. It’s so evil and eerie. These are all things that you have to endure being in darkness forever.

I was exhausted. I don't know why. I was only there 23 minutes but I was so tired I felt like I had been there 23 weeks. And you need to sleep in Hell just like you need to sleep here. So can you imagine what it's like to never go to sleep? I mean ever. You never get to go to sleep. For the rest of you life. And Revelation 14:11 says, "And the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night." Now it's talking about rest from the torments but it's talking about no rest also. And Isaiah 57:20 talks about, "The wicked are like the troubled sea that cannot rest." But you see Psalms 127:2 said, "The Lord gives his beloved sleep." You see your not his beloved there. So you don't get that benefit again of sleeping. You don't get to fellowship with people. Your never get to talk to a person again. You're isolated and kept alone. Ecclesiastes 9:10 talks about how there's no wisdom, no device, no knowledge in Sheol. You have nothing to do. No Purpose. It’s a useless wasting away in this place. So these are just some of the things that you have to go through. Suffering like this in Hell.

Like I was telling you, I'm going to try to relate to you an experience about fear. Because the fear level that you have to go through in Hell is so intense. And it stays there all the time. Like if you've ever been to a scary movie where the guy jumps out just about to kill the person. You know, that jumps up in your throat. The fear. Well if you take that times a million and hold it there. That's how you have to stay for eternity.

But to relate to you an experience that I had might help you see how bad the fear is. I used to surf a lot. I grew up in Florida. And when I was a teenager we were surfing off Cocoa Beach and there were a bunch of guys out. And a school of sharks came by. Tiger sharks is what the newspaper said. And the guy next to me got his leg ripped off. The shark just tore his leg right off. I saw blood all over the water and the sharks were banging into all of us. And the shark came by and bit my board right in half and grabbed my leg and pulled me down under the water. So at that moment, you could imaging how scary a moment that is right? To be almost eaten by a fish is disgusting you know. But it's so scary. That fear level that I experienced was about as much fear as you can experience in life I would say. And that paled in comparison to what you feel in Hell. I mean that wouldn't even rate compared to what you go through in Hell. So these are some of the things you have to endure.

I was placed back into the cell. And one of the demons grabbed my head and crushed it. I wondered how could I be alive when my heads crushed flat. And then two more walked into the cell and they grabbed an arm and a leg each. I didn't see these because it was dark. I just knew that there were two more. They each grabbed an arm and a leg and they were going to tear my arms and legs off. And I just thought, I can't endure this. I can't do this. And right then something grabbed me and pulled me out of the cell and placed me over next to this pit of fire that I saw earlier.

I was so glad. I didn't know it was God then, but the Lord had taken me out of that cell and place me over next to the pit of fire. I told you that when I got out of the cell it was all black and dark but in one direction I could see just a little bit of light. Flames coming from a huge inferno of fire. It was about 10 miles away from me and a mile across, this pit of fire. I just understood that it was 10 miles away and about a mile across. There's just some things you know in Hell. Your senses are keener. And I can't explain why. There's only one scripture that gives you a little hint. When your in the spirit realm your a little bit more sensitive to these things. In Zecharia 5:2 God said, "What do you see Zecharia", and he said, "I see a roll flying through the air and it’s 20 cubits by 10 cubits." He happened to give the dimensions so I thought that was interesting that it was documented that he gave the size. So you just seem to understand sizes and distances.

Anyway, so I saw the flames leaping up high in the air. And it didn't light the skyline like flames would here. It barely lit the sky at all. Just a little bit by the pit. Because light doesn't travel in Hell. It’s so dark that it consumes all the light. But I could see just a little bit by the flames and it was just bare and desolate wasteland. Not one green thing. No grass. Everything dead. Isaiah 59:10 talks about, "We are in desolate places as dead men." Like I said it's so dark. Lamentation 3:10 says,"He has set us in dark places, as they that be dead of old." And theres a lot of scriptures about dark places, Jude 1:13 and so forth.

As I was placed over by this pit of fire, I could see people now in the flames. There were people in this pit actually burning. I could see the outlines of people through the flames and it was so awful to see somebody on fire. Most of us here have never seen a person on fire. But to see somebody burning, in flames, screaming is absolutely horrible. But there were millions of people in this pit. A huge raging pit of fire and the flames were hundreds of feet in the air but it only lit, like I said, just a little bit next to the pit.

Along side it were individual pits of fire where people were placed. They had their own individual pit. There's scriptures for all this too. But, the pits were all about three or four feet across and the fire would just come up and it would melt the flesh right off the people and they would be a skeleton. And screaming and agonizing torment. There were demons all around this pit shoving people back in. Everybody was screaming in torment.

And I want to give you a few scriptures about fire because a lot of people don't believe it's real fire. They think it's just metaphorical. But, there's a lot of scriptures about real fire in Hell. John 15:6 talks about, "If a man does not abide in me, just as men gather sticks and cast them into the fire and they are burned." Psalms 11:6 talks about, "Upon the wicked he will rain fire and brimstone and a burning tempest." And Psalms 140:10 says, "Let burning coals fall upon them. Let them be cast into the fire into deep pits." And Job 18:15 talks about, "Brimstone shall be scattered upon his habitation. Surely such are the dwellings of the wicked."

So there's real scripture about fire and even the great Charles Spurgeon, the great Charles Spurgeon of the past says, "There's a real fire in Hell as truly as you now have a real body. A fire exactly like that that we have on the earth." So there are many scholars and commentary that believe that it is real literal fire in Hell. I could give you many more quotes but I'll spare you.

Anyway, you know, how bad it would be to burn. We saw the twin towers, people burning in the towers. They said that the temperature there was 2,000 degrees from the burning fuel and that people subjected to that 2,000 degree heat would be incinerated in 15 seconds. So people chose to jump rather than face that 15 seconds. And yet, scientists say that the center of the earth is 12,000 degrees. And I believe that's true. And so could you imagine facing that for eternity. Burning for eternity like this. Those are some of the things you have to endure.

Also when I was by this pit I looked all around the walls of this cavern that was below this tunnel and all over this tunnel were demons. All different sizes and shapes. Some small, some big. There were spiders that were three to four feet across, huge disgusting spiders. There were snakes all over. Everything that you would not want to see is in Hell. And there are maggots all over the place and it was disgusting. But remember when Jesus said, "Where there worm dies not and the fire does not quench." The word he used is maggot. And Isaiah 14:11 talks about that, "The wicked, his bed will be upon a bed of maggots and he will be covered with them".

This is gross, I know but if you see a dead animal on the side of the street, well, maggots would be consuming its flesh. Well when the flesh is all consumed the maggots die see. But that's where Jesus said, "Where their worm dies not." Because the flesh is never fully consumed. So for eternity, your body is being eaten by maggots and burning and you can't ever eat. You never have a drop of water again. I was so thirsty. I wanted just one drop like Luke talked about. Remember when he said, "Just dip the tip of a finger in water and cool my tongue for I am tormented in this flame", he said in Luke 16. Well one drop, I'm telling you would have been so precious. I value water now so much, like my wife said. We are both water nuts now. We have a bar at home and I collect spring water from around the world. We really love water.

Like my wife said, "It’s like life in a glass." It really is true because water represents life, Revelation 21:6 says. It’s so precious and in Hell your denied all these things. You see, in Hell, it's a place without God. So you don't experience any good thing in Hell because every good thing is from above. James 1:17 said, "Every good and perfect give comes down from above from the Father of lights." So if you remove God from the situation, all the good goes with it. You don't get to have all these good things we enjoy like sleep and so forth.

Proverbs 10:29 says, "The Lord gives strength to the upright." You're not the upright there. In Deuteronomy 11:11 it says that, "Water is the rain of Heaven." You're not in Heaven. Psalms 36:5 says, "The mercy of the Lord is in the heavens." It’s not in Hell. And the Lord gives his beloved sleep. Your not his beloved there you see. So all these things we experience here are not from mother nature, they're from Father God. Father God is the one providing all these things that we enjoy every day, that we take for granted. You know, to get a good nights sleep and to fellowship and to be with people and to eat and drink. All these things you can never ever do again in Hell.

There's so many scriptures I would love to give you but I know we need to go on. You know, I understood that I was down deep in the earth. I had an understanding that I was down deep in the earth. And there's scripture for all this. There's 49 scriptures that talk about where Hell is located. You know, after judgement day death and Hell are delivered up and cast into the lake of fire it says in Revelation 20:13-15. But right now, Hell is down in the center of the earth I believe is what the Bible says. And there's a lot of scriptures to do with that and I can quote you. I'm just going to give you a couple because I don't want to get carried away. Ezekiel 26:20 talks about, "When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit with the people of old time and set thee in the low part of the earth in places desolate of old with them that go down into the pit. Numbers 16:32 talks about, "The earth opened her mouth and swallowed them all. They all went down alive into the pit." And the word pit is Sheol. It uses the word Sheol.

Remember, Jesus descended into the lower parts of the earth and he spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. So he went down. Anyway Isaiah 14:9 talks about Hell from beneath, Hell down deep in the earth. There's so many scriptures about where it's located. But I had an understanding that I was down deep in the earth and I knew that I was down about 3,700 miles. Again I don't know how I knew that but we know the radius of the earth is about 4,000 miles so I was down not far from the center.

And I understood that there's a whole world going on up here. And most of the world, up on the world's surface doesn't realize there's a whole other world going on down there. I thought, "They don't even realize there's a world down here with millions of people that used to live up on the earth's surface." You see all those people used to live here. But they made a wrong decision. And now they're down in Hell.

I thought about my wife. I thought about her a lot. And we're really close. And I could never get to her again. I'd never see her again. She would never know where I was at. That thought alone was really tormenting to me. To be lost in Hell and to never be able to tell here where I was and she would never know. So you have to live with that agonizing torment for eternity.

Right now might be a good time to show you guys. We did a three minute clip of Hell. Another person who had experienced Hell. I'm not the only one. There have been other people that have seen Hell. Most were near-death experiences but some have actually been to Hell and written books about it. Just one to quote you real quick, that you probably don't know about is the great John Bunyan who wrote, The Pilgrims Progress, the most famous book ever written. Well he also had a vision of Hell. And he wrote a book called, Visions of Heaven and Hell, where he was escorted by an angel through Hell. Everything that I have told you about is in his book. I didn't know his book existed until after I wrote mine. But he's somebody who's really credible. A great scholar of the past and he experienced Hell along with a lot of others.

We did a video, a little three minute clip where we put together some scenes. There's three points I want to make about the video. One, you see a guy being drawn up to the gates of Hell. You'll see him being pulled up. It shows a demon there at the gates. That's the one that was in my cell. I looks just like that. Whoever did that depiction copied it really well. That's what they look like. At least that one. And there's another scene where there's a woman running. I didn't see that scene but another lady did where a woman is being chased by a spirit of fear and every time this spirit of fear catches up to her it burns off all her flesh. And she's consumed and she gets up and runs again and it burns off all her flesh and it continues for eternity.

And then there's another scene where there will be crosses. People hung on crosses. People say, "How could there be crosses in Hell." Well, these were people that mocked the cross, that made fun of the cross. So they are put on crosses for eternity. So I want to show you that and then bare with me. We'll get to the good part because, the good part is where I met Jesus.

[Audio skips ahead to after video]

Well it gives you a little bit of a visual of what it looks like. It’s a lot worse than that though. I know that's Hollywood. But Hell is real and there's really people there right now burning just like that. That's the best Hollywood can do but, I assure you it's far, far worse than I could ever describe to you. And, one thing that I want to point out to you guys that's really important, I was there as an unsaved person would be. The Lord blocked it from my mind that I was a Christian. Okay, he hid it from my mind that I was saved.

I'll explain why in a minute. We know God can do anything but, just to give you a few scriptural references for that, Luke 24:16 talks about where the apostles saw Jesus after he resurrected and it said, "Their eyes were holden so that they should not know him." John MacArthur's commentary said that they were kept by God from recognizing him. God hid it from them that it was Jesus. There's other scriptures I can give you for all these different experiences where God can block something from your mind, Second Kings 4:27, Daniel 4:34 and some others but we don't have time for me to explain them all.

Anyway, the important thing is God blocked it from my mind for a reason. And, this was really the worst part of Hell. The suffering and torment was terrible. But I was there as an unsaved person. So I experienced what they would experience being hopelessly lost. You see, here we have hope. You know, some hope. But in Hell you have no hope of ever, ever getting out. And I understood that this place is for eternity. Here we can't quite grasp eternity. We think of time as a beginning and an end right. Like a timeline. Well, when you're in the spirit world you can grasp it. You can understand that you will never, ever get out of this place. And see that is really a tormenting thought.

I began being raised up as I was sitting next to this pit of fire. This huge pit of fire with flames and I saw brimstone falling on people and falling from the air just like the picture showed, and burning people and flames and grotesque demons, snakes and everything I told you about. And something began raising me up this tunnel. And I went into this dark tunnel, actually pitch black. And I was thinking to myself about those demons. Who could ever fight one of them off. They’re so huge and your just so helpless and you don't have any strength. You can't defend yourself in any way.

And about half way up this tunnel, all of the sudden, this bright light showed up. I mean all of the sudden. I knew instantly who it was. I knew. I didn't have to ask. I just said, "Jesus". And I fell at his feet and he just said, "I Am." And he placed it back in my mind right at that second that I am a Christian, that I was saved. You know, one second ago I was in there for eternity and knowing that I would never get out. And now, all of the sudden I was at the feet of Jesus, knowing that I was a Christian and that I would not have to go there.

I'm telling you I was so grateful. All I wanted to do was just worship him. I fell at his feet and I collapsed. Just like Revelation 1:16 talks about when John said he saw him. His countenance was as bright as the sun and he said, "I fell at his feet as a dead man." That's what happened. I just fell at his feet. I felt like I died. I don't know what happened but the Lord touched me and then strength came back into my body. And I didn't want to move. I didn't want to ask any questions. I just wanted to worship him. I was so grateful to be at his side and be saved. And it was right at that moment that I just realized that Jesus died on a cross just for me. That he went through all that agony and suffering so I wouldn't have to go there. And it just became a real reality to me at that moment. I mean, I know we know that as Christians, but I was just so grateful to know that he died for me. And he died for every one of us but he would have died just for me. That's how much he loves us. Isn't that great? Glory to God. Amen.

Anyway, I didn't want to ask any questions, but thoughts just started coming into my mind and I started thinking things. And he would answer my thoughts. And I thought, "Why did you send me to this horrible place?” And so he answered and he said, "Many people do not believe that Hell exists. Even some of my own people do not believe that Hell is real,” which shocked me. How could you be a Christian and not believe in Hell? But, there's a lot of Christians out there that don't have their theology all straight and they think that you’re annihilated or you get out eventually. But Hell is permanent. It’s eternal and he said so in Matthew 25:46 he said, "These shall go into everlasting torment and these shall go into everlasting life." And it’s the same word, aionios that he used for everlasting torment and everlasting life. So it does. It lasts for ever and ever and ever.

Anyway, he said, "I want you to tell them. Hell was not prepared for man." Matthew 25:41 says, "Hell was made for the devil and his angels." But man will go there if he does not repent and receive Jesus. And so I felt like, "Yes sir. I'll go. I'll go immediately." Of course I wanted to obey what he said. And then I thought to myself, you know, "Lord, why did those demons hate me so much? Why did they have such a hatred? And he said, "Because you're made in my image and they hate me." Remember John 15:18 said, "They hated me before they hated you." Jesus said. I thought to myself, "Lord, their going to think that I'm crazy. I can't tell anybody about this. They're going to think I'm nuts or that I had a bad dream."  And he said, "It's not your job to convict their hearts. It's the Holy Spirits' job. It’s just your job to go and tell them."

So that's what we've been careful to do. I feel uncomfortable giving this. But it's not about me at all. It’s important to let people know this place exists. And I thought, Lord, who could fight off those demons and he said, "All you have to do is cast them out in my name." And right at that moment I looked on the wall where those demons were all along the wall and all of the sudden they looked like little ants along the wall. I'm telling you it was amazing. Twice I looked at it and thought, "Are they really that small or do they just appear that small because I'm next to Jesus." I don't know but he let us know the authority and power we have over the devil. The devil is no match for a Christian. Amen. Praise the Lord. We have authority over the devil.

So, all of the sudden those demons looked like nothing and I thought, "Those were the things that were tormenting me. Come on. Come after me now." You feel pretty bold standing next to Jesus. Anyway, I thought to myself, "Lord why did you pick me?" But he didn't give me an answer. I don't know why. I'm the least likely in my opinion. Why he would pick me. I'm not a Billy Graham or a Mother Teresa. I'm just a realtor. I love everything neat and clean and perfect and everything real orderly. I know most people like everything real clean and neat but I'm like real fanatical about it. And Hell is the antithesis. It's disgusting, filthy, chaotic, dirty, loud. I don't like loud noises. I don't go to any evil scary movies. I never go to a scary movie. I don't even like the summer time. That's too hot for me. I don't know.

So again it's not important why he picked me. We all have a job to do. And that's just what he's told me to do. So I thought, "Lord, why didn't I know you?” Because I was there as an unsaved person. And that's where he explained to me. "Because if you would have known me you would have had hope. And I wanted you to experience what they feel there. Hopelessly lost forever." And you see, here in this life you can't imagine what it's like to be hopeless. I mean never get out, ever. Ten million years go by and it doesn't matter. Your still there suffering. This is what you go through in Hell forever and ever. I thought, "Lord, I'll go and tell them."

Anyway, we came up above the earth's surface and we went out into space. He took me all the way out into space. And I looked back and we could see the earth from space like the globe. And it was awesome to see the earth from space. It was just so glorious. Job 26:7 talks about how the earth is hung upon nothing. He hangs it on nothing. It just hung there. I thought, "What's holding it up?” And it's just turning so perfectly at a thousand miles per hour. Not varying one degree, one mile per hour.

It just was awesome to see the earth there. And he allowed me to look at the stars. And I just gazed at the stars. And I could somehow understand that there were billions and billions of stars. And just looking at them I thought, "Wow Lord." And he's in control of every one of them. He has a name for every single star. Billions of them. He's in control of every one. Not one is colliding. Every one is in perfect alignment. He's got everything under control.

And all that hit me. He gave me an understanding of his awesome power. How much he is in control. You sometimes we think, "Does God hear my prayer?” He's a big God and he's controlling all that. And it was just awesome to see their glory. To see the earth hung there on nothing. And God didn't have to take the scenic route home. He showed me the earth from space. But you know, when I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut. And I believe God remembered that little thought. It says he'll give us the desires of our heart. Isn't that awesome? I mean, how much more will he give us the desires of our heart than things that are important. This wasn't important but God remembered that and he let me see the earth from space.

But, right then, as I was enjoying all that, I turned around and I saw the tunnel we just came out of and I saw people falling, one after another, after another, after another back down into that pit. And all of the sudden I felt so terrible for all those people. And he allowed me at this point to feel his great love that he has for people. And I believe that he revealed this to me because I know we know that he loves us. But he allowed me to feel a little bit more of what he really feels. And it was so overwhelming that I couldn't stand it. I had to ask him to stop. Because I could feel the pain he feels for people falling into Hell. He was weeping over people falling into Hell. You know, Ezekiel 33:11 says he has no pleasure in the death of the wicked.

And I felt so bad for all those people falling down and how God loves all of us. You know, Ephesians 3:19 says, "His love passes knowledge". Well it does. It's way past our ability to even imagine how much he loves us. You know. And like I said, I love my wife. You all love your family and so forth, but our love is no comparison to how much he loves every single person. And it hurts him to see people going there. And so I asked him, "Please stop I can't stand feeling what you feel". So I believe he revealed a piece of his power and a piece of his love.

In Numbers 12:6 it says, "The Lord reveals himself in visions and speaks in a dream." So he revealed a piece of himself to me which I thought was pretty awesome. Again to feel what he feels for all of us, how much he loves everybody and doesn't want anybody to go to Hell.

Anyway, we came back down on the earth real quickly and we came down on my home and I saw my body lying on the floor through the roof of the house. I could see through and I saw myself lying on the floor. And that was amazing to me to see me body because, I was like, "That's not me. This is the real me." And I thought, "That is not me". It looked to me just like you would look at your car. It's a vehicle to get you around in but it's not you. That's how it looked. This is just temporary, a shell.

Then a puff of smoke came up like a vapor, like a tea kettle. And James 4:14 talks about, "Life is but a vapor." Well he allowed me to see. He said that's your life. It went up that fast. So the hundred years or so that we have is so short. And I suddenly realized, I got an eternal perspective of things. Because the time we're here, even though it seems long, 80, 90, 100 years seems long. It’s like a little vapor of smoke. And what we do in that vapor of smoke counts for eternity.

But isn't it awesome the things we can do for God. We can witness. We can feed the poor. We can do things for God and be about our Father's business in this short time and it lasts for eternity. I mean, what a good deal that is. You can use your life for God or you can choose not to. I don't know about you but I want to choose to use it for God and serve God for the short time to please him, number one, but the rewards he will give you will last forever and ever. So I thought that was pretty awesome that he allowed me to see that too.

Anyway, I wanted to be with him but he left. I came back into my body and then he left. And that's when the torment came back into my mind. My wife prayed. I know I would have died if the Lord would not have removed the horror out of my mind. Because, like I said, it's so horrendous. Your physical body cannot take the horror of Hell. It’s really that bad. But, God graciously removed the horror but left the memory. He separated the two somehow.

So anyway, I began to tell me wife after, after I settled down. She prayed for me for about 20 minutes. And then I said, "The Lord's taken me to Hell. Pray that God removes it." And God quickly then took it out of my mind. The Horror. So I settled down and told her the whole situation.

But I want to share one short story with you. We were speaking at a church in Kansas. And the pastor got ahold of the CD and felt led to mail it to somebody. So he sent it to this lady. She was listening to it in her living room and her son happened to walk into her home. Her son had been in prison for the last 20 years. He was 39 years old. He had been in prison for drug use. And he was out at this moment. He would never listen to the Bible. Never listen to the gospel. He had nothing to do with it. But he sat down and he listened. For the first time he was shocked. So he listened. By the end of the CD he fell on his Knees and said, "I've got to get saved. I don't want to spend an eternity in a prison. I've been in a prison. I need to get saved."

So he accepted the Lord and said, "Mom I'm going to go to church tomorrow and testify what God's done for me. I can't wait to call my drug addict friends and tell them all about Jesus and bring them all to church. And so he was all excited about going to church the next morning. Well, six hours later, during the night he died. He didn't make it to church the next day. The drugs had killed him. So he never got to come and give his testimony. But the mother was trying to reach us for six months to thanks us. Because, she said, "Even though I miss my son terribly, I know that now he's in Heaven and somehow this message of Hell got through to him and he got saved." So she was so grateful.

So it’s an honor to be used by God like that. So we are so grateful. The point is, you know, I don't know if anyone here tonight would say, "I don't know where I'm going to go when I die. I don't have that assurance of salvation.” And you don't know when you are going to die. You have no idea when. You could die tomorrow. The devil would like to fool you into thinking, "I can decide, I can think about this later."

But I would urge you tonight. If you are here tonight and you don't know if you would be going to Heaven or Hell. I'm going to give you three scriptures and then I'm going to give you the good news, okay But, this is what the Bible says. You can choose to believe it or reject it. But, 2 Thessalonians 1:9 says, "Those who obey not the Gospel shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his power." If you choose to obey not the gospel. John 3:36 says, "He that has the son has everlasting life, but he that has not the son shall not see life. But the wrath of God abides on him. "And Revelation 20:15 says, "Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the fire.”

So you you might say, "Bill I'm a pretty good person, so I don't think I'd go to Hell. I'm pretty good." That's how most people think. They think if they're good they'll go to Heaven and if their bad they'll go to Hell. But you have to understand it's not based on that criteria at all. It has nothing to do with you being good or bad. You probably are pretty good compared to people. But compared to God, it says in Isaiah that, "Your works are as filthy rags. Matter of fact, Job 15:16 says, "Our works are so filthy and abominable that we drink iniquity like water."

So your good is no good to God. His standard is perfect. Heaven is perfect. And he said if you lie once, just once, then no liar will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Revelation 21:8 says. If you ever steal anything, just once, you say, "I''m not a thief." Well have you ever stole 5 minutes of your bosses time, cheated on your taxes or anything like that. That makes you a thief. 1 Corinthians 6 talks about, "No thief will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. If you've ever lusted after a woman, just once, then that makes you an adulterer. And no adulterer will inherit Heaven, Ephesians 5.

So you see, all of us fall short. All of us fall into that boat. We have all sinned. We can't get there on our own. You can't claim, "I'm good enough," to get there. There's a penalty to pay for sin. Roman's 6:23 says, "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life." So there's a penalty for yours and my sin and it's death, separation from God, and sent to Hell for eternity.

But, Jesus paid that price so that you wouldn't have to. You might be thinking one more thing. You might be thinking, "Well Bill, you know, who's to say your right? You know, there's so many religions in the world. Why should you as a Christian be right? Why should I believe the Bible. That's pretty narrow minded of you." Well, let me give you an example. If you said, "Bill I want to invite you over to dinner at my house. You go south at Highway 95. You get off at Main Street, turn right and you go up the hill." And I said, "No John, you know, I don't believe that. I think I'm going to go north on 95. I'm going to get off at McCarther. Because I think all roads lead to your house. That's what I think."

Well, your going to say, "Well Bill, your not going to get to my house. I'm trying to give you clear directions to my house." Well I think God knows where he lives. He's given us clear directions on how to get to his house. We can choose to believe his directions or we can reject them. But then we send ourselves to Hell. We can't say God sends anybody to Hell. He's given you clear directions. All through life he's tried to get through to people and let you know about his son. He gives you the Bible. He gives you people to come across your path to witness. He gives you creation to show you his glorious creation. He gives you a conscience to know right from wrong. And even in Job 33 he says, "He gives man dreams and visions to keep back his soul from the pit." So he'll give you dreams and visions. He tries your whole life to keep you out of Hell.

So I would just urge you tonight, if you don't know if your name is written in that Book of Life. Psalms 86:5 says, "For you Lord are good and ready to forgive. Abundant in mercy to all who call upon your name." So God is a good God. He's standing here now ready to forgive you of your sin and mine.

Maybe we could all bow our heads and close our eyes and pray. If there's anybody here who would say, "Bill, I don't know if my name is written in that Book of Life that you talk about. I can't say that I ever repented of my sins." Luke 13:3 says that, "Unless you repent you shall all likewise perish." Jesus said that himself.

So if you could say, "I don't know if I ever repented. I don't know if I've ever really received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I know about Jesus but I don't know if I ever asked him into my heart." If your here tonight and you say I'm one of these people you can know tonight that your name can be written in the Book of Life. So I'm going to ask you if you would just do me a favor. If you want to have your name written in the Book of Life raise your hand and say, "I want to know Jesus. I want to know my name is written in the Book of Life. I see your hand. I see your hand.

Now's the time, you know, because if you leave here tonight your heart grows harder. And it's harder to get saved. And if you die, you'll end up in Hell if you don't know Jesus. And one second after you die it's too late. There's no turning back. So I'm just going to ask you if you'll do me another favor. Those who raised their hand. This is a bold move but if you would come forward. Come down down here to the front, I want to pray with you and make sure you accept the Lord and you’re saved tonight. You can know tonight that you’re saved. Would you get up out of your seat and make a bold move and come down here.

Jesus said, "Whoever will confess me before men, him will I confess before my father in Heaven." Okay so I know it's not easy to get up but, you know, this is the most important thing, your eternity. Come on down to the front and we'll pray with you. Okay this is the most important decision you will ever, ever make. So I would ask you please come down. You don't have to come forward to get saved. You can say the prayer that I'm going to have you pray in your seat. It’s just something about making a stand for God. When you stand up for the Lord, he stands up for you. Thank you for coming.

And also, as Christians, you might be living that compromised lifestyle. It’s time to end all that. We can get that right with God tonight too. Because like I said earlier. If you live after the flesh, Romans 8:13 says you die. So, if your here tonight and you say, you know, I've been living a compromised lifestyle. I haven't been living for God the way I should. I've been backslidden. I just ask you to raise your hand. You don't even have to come down here if you don't want. But just raise your hand.

I see your hands. I see your hands. Thank you for your honesty. I know it takes some honesty to do that. But God sees your hand. He knows your heart. But we can get it right with God and go forward. And you know, don't you get tired of living in sin anyway and being compromised. You want to live right and go ahead with God. And he has a plan for your life. He's got a great plan for your life. And he wants to help you. And you might say, "Bill, I'm too bad to come forward to even get saved. I've got to clean myself up first." If your here tonight and you feel that way that's not true. You just come as you are. He accepts you just the way you are.

So I'm just going to ask this one more time. Anybody here that would want to come down and give their life to the Lord or if you just want prayer, you want to recommit your life, you've been backslidden as a Christian. Come on down to the front. Were going to pray. We're going to get it right with God tonight. Don't let the devil lie to you and tell you that you can do it later. Now's the time. I know there's a few people here that should come forward. Praise God. Thank you.

It's not that hard. He died for us on a cross. That was hard. All we have to do is stand up and receive him and be humble enough to repent of our sin and say, "You know Lord, I am a sinner. I can't save myself. Okay, last thirty seconds and we're going to pray. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Christians keep praying. Thank you Father.

You know, it says in 1 Thessalonians 1:10, "Jesus has delivered us from the wrath to come." There's a wrath to come. But, Jesus has delivered us. That's wonderful news. To be delivered, set free and going to Heaven. Tonight I urge you once again then we're going to pray. God will take you to Heaven. You can live eternally with him. If you didn't come forward you can pray this in your seat. But I want you to really think about for a minute. Any of the sins that you've been involved in. And just to yourself. Just renounce them and ask God to forgive you of those sins. And then we're going to say a prayer.

Okay but just take a minute to yourself and ask God to forgive you of those sins. Put those behind you. All right. We're going to say a prayer. I'm going to ask you to repeat after me but I want this to come from your heart. So just think about the words that your saying. And just mean it from your heart. God loves you so much. All right.

Say this after me, "Father in Heaven. I know that I'm a sinner. And I know that I can't save myself. But I believe you sent your son Jesus to suffer and die on a cross for me. And that he rose again. And he lives forever more. I repent of my sins. I turn from my sins. And I ask you to forgive me. Lord come into my heart. I receive you as my Lord and savior. I'm not looking back. But I'm looking ahead. I'm pressing on with you Lord. Help me to walk straight with you. Thank you for sending your son Jesus. I believe he is the Son of God. And he lives forever more in my heart now. And I believe that I am now saved, born again, going to Heaven to live with you forever. Thank you Jesus for saving me. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen."

And amen. Thank you Lord. You guys, that's the greatest and smartest decision that you will ever make. God's real proud of you for doing that. Praise God. Give him a hand, amen.

You know if just one gets saved it's all worth it. God loves us all so much. And he loves each one of us, like I said. Each one of us God would have died for. And he loves us and he has a great plan for each one of our loves. You know, what better thing is there than to serve God in the years he's given us. And then we get to go to Heaven in the end. And what a good deal that is. I tell you, serving God is the greatest thing. And as Christians, I want to encourage all of you guys to just be bold and open our mouths. You know, when I was with the Lord and he said to me, "Many make excuses why they don't witness. They say I didn't feel led.” You know I've felt convicted about that myself.

We do have to be led. But how often do we use that as an excuse. Because we really are fearing man rather than God. We should be fearing God. Then we wouldn't be so hesitant to witness and share. We have the good news to share with people. Right, we can tell the good news of the gospel. And it's not that hard to share it with people. All our job is to tell them. We don't have to save them. Just to tell them. And God does the saving anyway. So it's a privilege and honor and I just encourage all you Christians to be bold and share your faith. Because if we don't, all these people are going to Hell. And God will hold us accountable. And I don't want to be held accountable.

I want to stand before God and hear him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." Amen. So we all need to be about the father's business. Amen. Praise God. Thank you for having us. It's been an honor and privilege to be here.

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